Meet the Host

Jennifer PK

Jennifer PK. is an author, playwright, screenwriter, comedian, and mother. She can usually be found jotting down notes for her next joke or binge watching tv shows and movies. She graduated from Touro University Worldwide with a Bachelor’s of Science in business administration, and a Master of Arts in media psychology. 

Her credits include: two plays which were produced in professional theatre, and received critical acclaim ("A Big Girl's Guide to Love" and "Alles Kinder Gottes"), writer and producer on children's television show, "Mrs. Dipsworth's Storytime," Actress, props mistress, stage manager, and director for numerous independent films and plays, including "Neil Simon's The Odd Couple (Female Version)", “Love You Later,” “Paradise House,” and "Jazz Lessons."  She recently won MPM Studio Theatre’s Annual Playwright Competition. 

 When not absorbed in the latest episode of a certain reality show about Americans dating outside of the country, Jennifer loves reading, attempting to learn Spanish and German, hanging out with her kids and their dog, going on road trips, and otherwise spends far too much time in front of a screen.  She currently works as an adult education teacher and lives in Texas with her 2 amazing not-so-little boys and their adorable dog.

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